Postnatal Maternity Care

 “Kraamzorg met Liefde & Expertise”  

I am a mother, a certified maternity nurse, my name is Maura. A lover of life, energetic,bilingual, face each day with a smile and ready to make it beautiful. Within the past years I have grown into fulfilling my purpose: caring for new angels and their protectors here on Earth. Providing new mothers & their partners with the love & care they need after the delivery of their new-born baby and  helping them transition into parenthood.

I am also experiened in Pregnancy, Post Partum as well as Shantala Baby Massages. 

During the post-partum period, I strive to create calmness, regularity and guidance within your home. Daily monitoring of the new angel and the mother, demonstrating techniques on breast or bottle – feeding, daily nutrition guidance, making sure that everyone is fed and getting enough rest. I enjoy assisting in capturing the “many first moments, with enough tissues at hand and being prepared to wipe away eventual tears.
My ultimate goal on the last day of my care is to leave you feeling confident, secure and ready to rock it as a parent! 

The intake will take place during your pregnancy, while we have the chance to meet each other and I shall provide you with relevant information regarding the post-partum care and you can give me an insight of your wishes and expectations.

If you are interested in Maternity care (kraamzorg) or a massage, please fill in the sign up form below and we will be in touch!

“It is a privilege to be part of this amazing time in your life, being able to give you the utmost care and dedication you and your little one deserve.”



Contact Information
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